That's why you can not eat tomatoes and cucumbers in a salad! - Healthy facts

These products are familiar to us, but very few people know that they are in any case should not be confused. From the perspective of Ayurveda, food digestion process should take place without negative consequences. Bloating, pain, gas, nausea, problems with a chair ... All of us at least occasionally experience these effects misalignment products. To you, dear readers were able to avoid such unpleasant problems, provide you with a list of products that combine desirable.

Incompatible products

1. Cucumbers and tomatoes
It is incompatible products, and all because of the fact that they are differently absorbed by our bodies. When stomach acid is released for the digestion of cucumbers, tomatoes waiting for their turn and start to wander.
2. Fruits after meal
Fruits are digested by the body very quickly. Therefore, they, in any case, can not lie too long in the stomach. If you eat a tasty piece of fruit after a hearty dinner, the fermentation process is inevitable!
3. Lasagne or hot cheese sandwich
For the digestion of proteins and starches require different levels of acidity. Our stomach starts to proteins and starches are waiting for their turn. Undigested starches are fermented and then decomposed.
4. Cheese and meat omelet
It is impossible to combine a number of proteins in one dish. Just one concentrated protein per meal.
5. Oatmeal with milk and orange juice
The acid in orange juice destroys the enzyme that is responsible for the digestion of starches. Also, acidic fruit can curdle the milk, turning it into a slimy substance.
6. Beans and Cheese
This combination is guaranteed to lead to bloating. Try to avoid overlapping of these products.
7. Melon and meat
Melon is better to use separate from any product. a variety of fruits should be eaten separately from the proteins and starches.
8. Bananas and milk
Lovers of a delicious banana cocktail, be aware that such a combination is not conducive to our body. To speed up the digestive process, add in a cocktail of cardamom or nutmeg.
9. Yogurt and fruit
The combination of any of dairy products with fruit slows digestion leads to a change in the intestinal flora and release toxins.


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