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Cherry curd cake recipe

In this curd cupcake, cherry gives it an unusual taste and a very elegant appearance.


  • 4 eggs; 
  • 80 gr. butter; 
  • 170 gr. Sahara; 
  • 500 gr. sweet cheese mass; 
  • 500 gr. manki; 
  • half a baking powder for dough; 
  • peel with 1 lemon; 
  • 0.5 kg of cherry; 
  • 250 gr. sour cream.

Method of preparation:

  1. Rassiraya oil with egg yolks, gradually add there a large half of the sugar. Having received a lush mass, we add cottage cheese into it, together with baked semolina mixed with baking powder, ground with lemon zest. Finally carefully introduce proteins whipped in foam. 
  2.  Bake the cake at a moderate temperature so that a golden crust forms on it. 
  3.  Cherry the seeds, add the remaining sugar and mix with sour cream. 
  4. Gulf the cherry mixture with a hot cupcake, put it for a while in a warm, but already switched off oven (so that it soaks). 


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