Salad with canned tuna, cheese and vegetables Recipe - How to make this salad - Milkyfry Recipes

Vow!! Easy to make this salad. Milkyfry presents simple steps to make a delicious salad with canned tuna, cheese, and vegetable Recipe.


Eggs (boiled) - 2 pcs.
Tuna (canned in juice) - 1 can of
corn, canned - 0.5 cans
cheese - 60 g of
fresh cucumber (long) - 0.5 pc.
tomatoes (large, hard) - 1 pc.
green onion - to taste
black pepper (mill)


  • eggs cut into cubes, add canned, pre-drainage. 
  • Add chopped vegetables and green onions.
  •  Then the corn and cut the cheese into small cubes. Spice up. Mayonnaise.



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