Onam Special Milk PAYASAM RECIPE - How to make this kheer - Milkyfry Recipes

Onam or Thiruvonam, is a traditional harvest festival celebrated in the state of Kerala (India) and elsewhere where Malayalam-speaking populations have settled....  Payasam is the main dish in the Onam feast.  Many types of payasam in there. Here we are going to tell you how to make this Milk Payasam.


500 ml (2 cups) of milk
1/2 cup of sugar (adjust to taste)
1/4 cup of  raw rice (or any non-sticky rice like basmati)


1. Add 2 cups water to the milk and bring to boil in a heavy-bottomed pan. Once the milk boils, add the sugar and simmer until it reduces to half.

2. Add the washed rice and continue to cook on very low flame, stirring frequently until the milk thickens further and the rice is cooked soft.

3. Remove and serve warm/chilled.


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