Try this Walnut cake with chocolate Recipe - How to make this snack - Milkyfry Recipes


  • Butter - 200 g. 
  • Flour - 350 g. 
  • Sugar - 100 g. 
  • Sour cream - 2 tbsp. 
  • Yolks - 3 pcs. 
  • Baking powder - 1 sachet. 
  • For filling: 
  • Egg proteins - 3 pcs. 
  • Sugar - 150 g. 
  • Walnuts - 300 g. 


  1. Grate sugar with butter, add sour cream, egg yolks and flour with baking powder. Knead the dough. Put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. 
  2. Divide the dough in half and divide once again in half. 
  3. Beat 3 protein with sugar and add ground nuts.
  4. Roll a large piece of dough on a silicone rug or parchment paper and, without removing it from the base, on which it was rolled, turned into a baking dish, spread out and make high sides. If the dough tears, connect the tear points directly in the mold. 
  5. Lay out half of the filling. 
  6. Roll out another portion of the dough, by the diameter of the mold and put on top of the filling. Even if your stuffing gets out of the layer or the layer of the dough is not whole, from the pieces, it's fine. 
  7. Lay out the rest of the filling. 
  8. Roll out the remaining dough, put on toppings - this will be the top of the cake. Edges to protect. And - into the oven. Bake for 25 minutes. At a temperature of 180 ° C.
  9. Remove the prepared pie from the oven, allow it to cool slightly and transfer to a dish. Then give the cake to cool completely and cover it with a sweet. There are a lot of recipes. You can make ganache from cream, chocolate and butter. And you can and fad easier: 1.5 tablespoons. sugar, 1 tbsp. l. bitter cocoa, 50 g of oil, 2 tbsp. l. milk (cream). Sugar, cocoa and butter melt on low heat in a small saucepan, dilute with milk (cream), stir until smooth. Pour the hot mass onto the finished pie.